September 18
Tuatara Pilsner now available.
September 17
Three Boys Oyster Stout now available.
September 16
Herne Tane now available.
September 12
Rogue's Dead Guy Ale now available.
September 11
Brewmoon Amberley Pale Ale now available.
September 11
Three Boys Wheat now available.
Supposedly ‘eureka’ means “I have found it!” (or at least that is what the trusty Wikipedia tells us). So don’t worry fair patrons, you have found it! By ‘it’ and ‘eureka’ we mean an upbeat place to take your jacket off, leave your shoes on, and relax with a variety of craft beer and a full menu of enjoyable food.

Being a café, a bar and a restaurant means that we can cater to every need, staying within the limits of food and beverages that is. Oh and with the frequent sports match tossed in there for good measure. Being open from early till late there really is no excuse not to venture inside the doors and bask in the Eureka glory. One might ask, how can a place such as this exist? The answer - it just does.

The team at Eureka (and excuse us if we sound biased) are a mixture of personalities who will go out of their way to make you, and anybody else who may enter the fine establishment, comfortable - without the pretentious attitude that one would expect in such a chic café.

If you’re from out of town you’d know, without a doubt, that Dunedin is a constant sun festival. However, if you’re from Dunedin you would know we are lying. So to keep you warm and dry, we’ve designed and created the perfect covered garden bar - kitted out with a roasting fire and burning heaters. And for the odd sunny day we’ve left a section uncovered so you can bask in the sun’s goodness to your heart’s content.

So fine person who has either stumbled upon this page (and we do have to thank you at this point for reading this far if you have), or individual who is hoping to check out the wonder that is Eureka, take a look around. Explore our menus, drool over our beer and wine, and contact us if you wish. Be seeing you.


116 Albany St, Dunedin
      Eureka Cafe and Bar - 116 Albany St, Dunedin :: Website by Psopho